Dimitrios Paraforos

Dimitrios Paraforos

I am an Associate Professor in the Institute of Agricultural Engineering at the University of Hohenheim. My research focuses on Precision Farming and Automation in Agriculture.

Location Germany


  • Thanks @AllanMcBain for these points. I would say that the industry is actively supporting ISOBUS in the last 15-20 years. ISOBUS started as a communication protocol between the tractor and the implement and it is gradually also expanding to many directions including data handling. However, you are right that the advances in technology are mush faster...

  • Hi @AllanMcBain, a very important point! For more than 20 years there has been ISO 11783: Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry - Serial control and communications data network (commonly designated as "ISOBUS"). Its main purpose is the communication and control between the tractor and the implement but also the tractor (and the collected...

  • @SimoneSuresh I would agree with @CarlPitelen that proper and detailed documentation is becoming very important for the farmers. In many cases, this is for reporting purposes but also for own information about what has happened during the cultivation period.

  • @ArnoDeuker I agree with your comment. Crop rotation is extremely important in sustainable farming as monocropping causes major problems.

  • @OlanrewajuSikiru Indeed, soil compaction is a big problem in many areas. How do farmers deal with this issue in your area?

  • I would agree that remote sensing is developing rapidly in the last two decades. It is also necessary to point out that we need to "close the loop" and show the true benefit by leveraging these technologies. How do you think farmers around the globe could benefit from remote sensing? How about in cases where advanced agricultural machinery is not available?

  • @NicholasSaunders you are raising a very important topic. Reduced tillage or Conservation Agriculture has substantial advantages but at the same time introduces great challenges. Increased weed pressure is one of them.

  • @DianeHills what you describe is, unfortunately, a common problem this year in many areas as Altan Türal also confirms.

  • @MarianneRose thank you very much for your feedback. Conservation Agriculture is an important farming system with great advantages and we gradually gain valuable experience on how to correctly implement its principles. However, like every farming system, it is crucial to acknowledge the particular feature of each area. Which are from your perspective the main...

  • Hi Paresh, thank you for your feedback. What kind of technological advances do you think that could possibly have an impact in your area?

  • Hi Banjo, indeed a good point. What is very interesting is the new trend to provide DaaS, ie Drone as a Service. DaaS is third party based unmanned aerial systems that use embedded systems (hardware and software) to capture and analyze data for others.