Steph Foley

Steph Foley

Senior Programme Officer for Organisation Development at NHS Employers. Responsible for NHS Do OD's online courses on organisation development.

Location Leeds, UK


  • Hi I'm Steph- I work for a national NHS team. The NHS is incredibly diverse as a workforce, but my organisation isn't particularly reflective of that. I live in Leeds which is a pretty multicultural city but I'm not sure that the area I live in is particularly diverse. I would like to be able to take learning from this course back to my organisation and in my...

  • I grew up in a small town in Warwickshire, UK. Most of my play was small world and role play; playing with dolls, little figures (Playmobil and Polly Pockets!) and imaginary games with my younger sister. From the age of about 7 I would play out with other children nearby; riding bikes, exploring the local woods and going to the park.