My name is Yola Bastos.
I’m the Co-Founder of Women Flix networking community focused on Empowering and motivating women around the world to achieve their dreams.

Location London



  • I like the idea of using the newsletters to share testimonials from clients, reviews, photos and links from the company always at the bottom and logo.

  • I really enjoy doing this exercise thank you

  • This company has a marketing department and the main marketing team is based in London, with other teams in Lima, Miami, Accra and Bangkok. They are 50 people on the whole team. The team is responsible for all marketing copy and materials, including websites and so on. They also experts in handling campaigns, alongside the advertising team. Projects are always...

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  • always, right tone gives the right expression of emotion to attract customers or to establish the main purpose of the brand. great!

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    Higgidy blog post about pies - intuitive, playful
    Dove ‘Feeling beautiful’ campaign - patient, urgent, simplicity, purpose

    Slack blog post about features - playful, teaching
    Shelter - urgent, litle formal, instructive,

  • consistency, pursue and ability to provide the need.

  • My purchases are usually influenced by the important and essential points that I have as a consumer. The most effective campaigns are usually those highlighting how the products solve consumer needs

  • i'm social strategist expertise so my way of view might differ from a normal viewer , I play a lot of attention to the sales business words on ads related with my business in general, videos . do not have any platform that I spend to much time on but I use Linkedin, youtube, FB & IG

  • Hello, everyone, My name is Yola Bastos. I’m the Co-Founder of Women Flix networking community focused on Empowering and motivating women around the world to achieve their dreams.
    I’m from Portugal, living in England, London for more than 15 years; I'm a Life Coach, a Social Media Strategist, a podcast host, an entertaining and dynamic speaker which always...

  • Once we raise awareness, it's time to set a goal.

  • Thank you for this course, I enjoyed it all the way !

  • thank you for all the sharings and teaching, I really appreciate and learned a lot with this

  • i really think that is important to create these type of questions that make the client think and might improve their attitude toward their complaint or expectations

  • get to know my followers, the list that you provide I will complete and create more posts towards that specific audience

  • im active on Instagram and LinkedIn and I look for the videos and pictures that keep my eyes on and normally is word pictures that come most

  • I love the fact that im happy and curious to learn this

  • their plan , it os essential a plan

  • great examples

  • The social media has brought the world close

  • yes its affected by

  • i want to learn and might change my life with

  • My best channels are Linkedin and Instagram because they are very visual and im able to promote my business and interact with future costumers.
    I normally share differently on these two channels that I do use, One I share more words of encouragement and thoughts on the other vision and goals.
    For sure, the engagement of my customers, their likes and...

  • This is very useful and practical for my learning way thank you !

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  • because not everyone chooses the same platforms to be in

  • I do use social media.
    IG, FB, Linkedin, Youtube, Twitter

    Get in touch with family and friends I use WhatsApp

  • where can i find "scroll to the bottom of the page to the ‘Downloads’ section for each video, to find a full glossary for the Social Media course."