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Digital Learning, Design and Assessment

Explore the key issues, trends and theories transforming the professional practice of digital learning.

This program is part of the Digital Learning Leadership degree offered by Deakin University

Discover how to design and create premium online learning experiences.

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Skip to 0 minutes and 0 seconds CHIE ADACHIE: Artificial intelligence, smart phones, tablets, Google, YouTube, social media all connected 24/7. We’ve heard that education has been radically disrupted by technology, so how do we, as educators and professional practitioners stay current, competitive and relevant to learning and development in the digital age. Hello, I am Chie Adachi, from Deakin University. Leaning is happening all the time, everywhere, thanks to the digital. Right now, over eighteen million students across the globe are learning in massive open online courses or MOOCs, just like this course. While over eight hundred universities have created at least one MOOC digital learning is no longer the province of schools and universities alone.

Skip to 0 minutes and 0 seconds Big businesses, startups and not for profit organisations are using digital learning to up-skill their workforce and to build their learning communities. So, whether you are an educator teaching online or a professional working or looking to work in one of the many roles that support premium digital learning we look forward to sharing with you some of our latest thinking in and tranformative potential of this emerging field.

This unit examines principles and theories of digital learning, including the role of digital technologies and professionals in contemporary educational contexts. A broad range of digital learning approaches are presented through case studies to analyse how they can be constructively and digitally aligned with learning outcomes, assessment and learning activities. Specific attention is given to the application of digital learning theories and strategies that promote active, equitable and personally engaging learning experiences for learners from diverse backgrounds.


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Who will you learn with?

Lecturer in Digital Learning Innovations, Deakin Learning Futures. Tara has a passion for all things digital learning & educational technology, and has a diverse teaching background

Learning outcomes

  • Identify approaches to digital learning that are critically informed by evidence from research and professional practice
  • Analyse digital learning interventions in relation to learning design principles and relevant standards
  • Apply advanced knowledge of digital learning theories, platforms and applications to develop appropriate digital learning interventions, including aligned learning outcomes, learning activities and assessment tasks
  • Reflect on digital learning theories and learning needs to construct and provide feedback on a personal professional practice action plan.

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