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Health Law

Explore the space where health and law intersect and see how legal and regulatory frameworks govern a vast array of health topics.

This program is part of the Health Administration, Policy and Leadership and All Murdoch Programs degrees offered by Murdoch University

Critically analyse and discuss major legal and regulatory functions in the context of health.

In this Health Law program, you'll explore a number of of the basic concepts and contemporary topics in that area where health provision intersects with law. You'll look at legal and regulatory frameworks - focusing on consent, medical liability and the regulation of practitioners. Controversial topics such as access to medicines and compulsion in treatment will also be introduced in order to explore the limits of the law.


4 courses

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Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the program you should:

  • Be able to identify and explain the general framework of Australian health law;
  • Have gained an understanding of and the ability to critically discuss the principles and problems of medical liability;
  • Have gained an understanding of and the ability to critically discuss major regulatory issues pertaining to practitioners in the area of health law, the problem of compulsion in health care in the context of certain treatments or the institutionalization of patients/clients (e.g. mental health); and
  • Have gained an understanding of and the ability to critically discuss pertinent issues of the law of the regulation of drugs.

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