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Project Management Systems

Master the framework and the diverse range of resources and activities to achieve a successful project.

This program is part of the MSc Project Management degree offered by Anglia Ruskin University

Delve into the process of project management systems and the role and functions throughout the project life-cycle to achieve a successful project.

Develop your ability to plan and implement appropriate strategies to a variety of projects. In recognition that a project is a temporary organisation that has key players and resources that will be managed for its successful completion on time, to quality and within budget.

Establish the principles of planning, controlling and the main measures used to manage projects. You will explore what the project manager and the project team must do to ensure that the project definition is as complete as possible, and is capable of being produced and monitored to ensure both cost and time are effectively controlled.

Understand the importance of risk management and its contribution to the inevitability of changes. Critically analyse projects and evaluate the associated risks and engage with tools and techniques used to manage risk and changes to successfully deliver the project on target.

Connect theories and practices of quality management to develop systems and processes used to assure and control the quality of the products or services delivered by the project. In addition, explore the prominence of environmental issues affecting both the project and sustainability.

Delve into the project manager’s role in ensuring that the information required is made available to whom, where and when required, so that the project progresses efficiently to its successful completion.


5 courses

Delivered by expert academics

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Who will you learn with?

I have 20 years' experience in the UK HE sector and have published 9 textbooks. I have led projects or consulted with large institutions (such as the World Bank) as well as with numerous SMEs.

Learning outcomes

  • Demonstrate a critical awareness and understanding of the context, factors and issues and process of project management.
  • Understand the role of the project manager, devise and implement appropriate strategies and approaches to the management of projects.
  • Analyse and solve complex problems relating to the management of construction projects.
  • Gather and critically analyse information, synthesise, evaluate, and present alternative solutions.

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