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Learn R programming online and broaden your technical skill set and discover how the language is used for statistical computing and graphics.

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A series of courses designed to help you specialise your skills. Start a free seven-day trial, subscribe to keep learning at your own pace, and cancel your subscription whenever you like.

Study R programming online

Programming languages have become part and parcel of our data-driven lives, and one that has been growing in popularity in the past few years is the R programming language. R has quickly become the go-to language for performing statistical operations, as well as being used in biology and genetics. This is because it is an open-source, interpreted language - meaning it interprets code without a compiler.

Many data-driven businesses are suffering from a lack of data scientists](https://quanthub.com/data-scientist-shortage-2020), and companies with R programming capabilities are actively hiring R programmers. If you’re looking to learn more about R programming and enter the exciting and rapidly expanding world of programming, enrol on one of our online courses today, and give your career a boost.

Earn certificates in R programming

If you want to get some recognition as you learn R programming, you’ll find that our courses reward you with a certification upon completion. You can put these on your CV, and share these digital certificates with your professional network, making you stand out to prospective employers.

All our courses are online, so you can choose when and where you learn, and with a choice between our free online courses that offer a taste of R programming and our more in-depth ExpertTracks, you’ll find a level and degree of study that’s best suited to your needs.

Discover how to use R programming to manage big data

Big data is a byword in many of the larger data-driven businesses. Knowing how to analyse and manage big data will help reduce costs, speed up decision-making, and gauge customer needs. Discover how you can manage big data using R programming and expand on your knowledge of machine learning and data science with our courses.

Learn about how data scientists use R programming

Data scientists are in hot demand at the moment, and employers are looking for prospective data scientists with a knowledge of programming. With R programming being one of the most widely-used programming languages today, and with an ongoing data scientist shortage, there’s never been a better time to learn about R programming and how it is used in data science.

Take a look at one of our free courses to see if R programming is for you, or sign up for one of our ExpertTracks learning subscriptions if you’d like to find out more about the use of R programming in data science.

Your options for studying R programming

If you want to study R programming and learn all about coding and their application, we have plenty of options available to you. One of our short courses lasts three to five weeks and is the perfect jumping-off point for learning all about R programming. If you want a more detailed approach, our ExpertTracks will take you around eighteen weeks.


What is R programming?

R programming is a programming language that is used mainly in the statistical computing sector. It is often used by data scientists and data miners for data analytics and to develop statistical software.

What is R programming language used for?

R programming is open source, which means that there are large communities working in it to enhance it as best they can. It’s used for deep learning, machine learning, and big data analysis like finding genetic patterns and anomalies in biology and genetics.

How do you learn R programming?

There are many ways to learn R programming, but if you’re looking to build on your knowledge, try one of our free online courses to get an idea of R programming. Alternatively, you can have a go at one of our more in-depth R programming ExpertTracks for a more detailed approach.

How long does it take to learn R programming?

Practice makes perfect, as the old saying goes, but if you’re coming to R programming without any previous experience, one of our shorter free online courses will take you between three and five weeks to learn R programming. Our ExpertTrack courses will take you eighteen weeks to learn R programming.

Who uses R programming?

There are many companies in the world that use R programming as part of their data drive, from genetics laboratories through to Facebook. Some of the other big names that use R programming language include Accenture, Microsoft, IBM, and Google, but you’ll likely find that many businesses will be using R programming.

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