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Public health is a very comprehensive concept that covers many different facets. Generally speaking, it’s all about promoting and improving the health of communities by ensuring that individuals are able to live a physically and mentally healthy lifestyle, and societies are set up to take care of the people within.

This takes shape in a variety of ways through different roles across healthcare. Learn more about what public health is and how to begin working in the field.

There are many different career paths available under the umbrella of public health. This includes medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, paramedics, and those who focus on the bigger public health picture, including researchers, policymakers, and educators.

Anyone interested in a career within the public health sector will benefit from learning more about public health. However, anyone can study public health if they’re curious about how the health of individuals and communities is affected by aspects of society, the economy, and other structural systems.

Study a wide variety of courses in public health

Public health is a very large sector that has many career opportunities and avenues for study. Public health online courses are a great way to develop skills, knowledge, and expertise across a variety of public health specialisms.

Public health is all about improving the health of communities by keeping individuals healthy. This involves physical and mental health services along with bigger-picture efforts in research, policy, and education. From public health nursing courses to general training modules, online public health courses can help you build the theoretical and practical skills required to work and thrive in the industry.

You can develop a generalised understanding of public health with courses that encourage critical thinking, communication, organisation, collaboration, technology, and learn about the history of public health. We also offer courses tailored towards specific skills and public health sectors, which will benefit nurses, doctors, pharmacists, and paramedics, along with those who work in research and policy-making.

Gain accreditation in public health nursing online

Public health nursing courses are a great tool for those currently working in the healthcare sector who want to engage in CPD, as well as those who are interested in starting a career in healthcare.

Our ExpertTrack in Public Health and Nursing provides a comprehensive overview of public health, including the role of nursing within public health, the way financial inequality affects public health, and how to promote and support community public health. By taking this ExpertTrack course, you’ll benefit from a comprehensive curriculum and gain a certificate in public health once completed.

We also offer public health nursing courses for those looking to develop specialised skills and focus or build their CPD. Learn how to promote inclusivity in public health and understand how public health relates to social and economic circumstances to promote public health more effectively for diverse patients across different communities.

Study for your Master’s in public health with FutureLearn

A Master’s degree in public health can help you strengthen your skills and experience to better serve you in your current role, as well as improve your CV to stand out as a candidate for future opportunities in public health.

We offer a variety of Master’s programs that are designed to fit around your lifestyle and schedule, so you can continue your studies even while working.

Explore degrees that provide a general yet comprehensive study of public health, as well as more specific public health focuses. This includes public health promotion and key practical issues that affect it, understanding behaviour changes and public health, and policies, practices, and perspectives about end-of-life care.

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