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Sustainability, Climate Change and Us

Discover what causes climate change and understand its implications for people and the planet. Learn with expert researchers from leading universities and specialist organisations, and explore what we can do to ensure a sustainable future for everybody.

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Examine the big issues we face today

  • Sustainable development

    Explore the foundations of sustainable development, and discuss the issues around sustainability as a complex problem.

  • Resource usage

    Look at the flow of energy, food and materials worldwide, and explore ‘climate smart’ agriculture, water scarcity and renewable energy.

  • Our place in nature

    Examine the interaction between nature and society. Explore environmental justice, climate sensing, and the field of Environmental Humanities.

  • The future

    Take a hard look our resilience and prospects in the face of climate change and other global environmental issues. Discover practical ways to help counter climate change.

Develop your understanding of climate and sustainability with these online courses from FutureLearn

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