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Want to teach English as an additional language or teach English abroad? Keen to improve your existing English language teaching (ELT) skills? Kickstart your career by joining one of these professional development courses for educators.

  • Median base salary UK

  • Typical hours

  • You'll usually need

    A degree and teaching qualification

What skills do you need to teach English?

  • Flexibility

    Depending on whether you're planning to work as a TESL, TESOL or TEFL teacher, you could teach English to children or adults and work around the world.

  • Communication

    A good command of English is an obvious requirement, as are strong written and communication skills, plus the ability to listen effectively to students.

  • Organisation

    English language teachers will need to be exceptionally organised. They will need to plan and deliver creative and interesting lessons day in, day out.

  • Self-improvement

    Continuing professional development is a key part of any teacher’s job. Staying abreast of the latest developments in English language teaching is a must.

Develop these skills with online short courses for English language teachers

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Learn new skills, pursue your interests or advance your career with our short online courses.

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What do English teachers say about FutureLearn courses?

"I have been favourably impressed by the courses that I have attended and I am attending. First of all, because the teachers and educators are highly experienced and prepared. Secondly, because FutureLearn has been able to provide what usually may be lacking in an online course – the interaction with educators and with other learners that is continuous and of good quality."

"I strongly believe that upgrading the Teaching for Success program will be a significant qualification for my CV. In addition to this, my success on this program will give me more confidence to keep trying to make the difference in the domain of English education and contribute to the welfare of our society. "

How professional development for teachers works with FutureLearn

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Learn with experts from top universities and cultural institutions, and share your experiences with English teachers worldwide.

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