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Certificate of Achievement

Randal Oulton

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Enlightening the Dark Ages: Early Medieval Archaeology in Italy

University of Padova

This course shed light on the Early Middle Ages by exploring the main events characterising this period from climate change to massive migrations, food and health and the different kind of settlements developing after the end of the Roman Empire well as showing innovative methodologies and tools used in archaeological practice.

4 weeks, 3 hours per week

Alejandra Chavarria Arnau

Professor of Medieval Archeology

University of Padova

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Learning outcomes

  • Create a sensibility for cultural heritage, particularly archaeological sites and material culture through a better understanding of their nature and meaning
  • Compare historical phenomena of the past with those of the present
  • Explore how innovative scientific methodologies are adding vital information about the past to traditional archaeology
  • Investigate the connections and causations between different historical events


  • Climatic change and its consequences at the end of the Roman Empire
  • Environmental change, economic strategies, food and health
  • The end of the Roman Empire, the fortification of urban centers and the birth of fortified settlements
  • The arrival of new populations and their settlement in Italy
  • Discovering the castrum of Castelseprio a world heritage site at the birth of Italian medieval archaeology

Issued on 26th November 2021

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Enlightening the Dark Ages: Early Medieval Archaeology in Italy

University of Padova