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Riaz Hussain

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Digital Skills: Reimagine Your Career


This course explored how technology is impacting the way we work and how we can prepare for the changes ahead. How a growth mindset and skills such as problem-solving and emotional intelligence are so essential; and the tools and techniques to successfully apply for jobs in today's digital world.

3 weeks, 2 hours per week

Camilla Drejer

Managing Director for UKI Responsible Business & Citizenship


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Learning outcomes

  • Explain how technology is changing the way we work and the opportunities and challenges this brings
  • Describe the meaning of a growth mindset
  • Identify how to develop your own growth mindset to navigate these changes and reach your full potential
  • Identify the skills critical for success in a digital workplace
  • Demonstrate an understanding of in-demand skills such as problem solving and emotional intelligence
  • Identify the tools and techniques you can use to develop these skill areas and identify your transferrable skills
  • Understand the steps you can take to prepare for the job application and onboarding process
  • Create and maintain an action plan for your career moving forward


  • The impact of digital technology on the working world
  • The meaning of a growth mindset and how you can develop one
  • A dynamic mix of skills that can help you to succeed in today’s workplace
  • The meaning and importance of problem-solving and emotional intelligence skills
  • Tools and techniques to develop these skill areas and identify your own transferrable skills
  • Steps to prepare for job applications and today’s world of work
  • How to create and maintain a career action plan

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Issued on 4th October 2021

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