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Certificate of Achievement

Vimala V M

has completed the following course:

Preparing for Teaching

Manchester Metropolitan University

This course explored personal experiences of education and what being a teacher involves. Learners considered if teaching can be ‘measured’ and explored different systems for judging teaching quality. Through clips from pupils in classrooms, learners developed their understanding of the role of a teacher and in particular behaviour management. Personal action planning allowed learners to consider their own subject knowledge and skills and identify next step development as a professional teacher.

3 weeks, 2 hours per week

Ellie Overland

Senior Lecturer

Manchester Metropolitan University

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Learning outcomes

  • Identify the attributes and skills of good teachers.
  • Reflect on how teaching can be 'measured'.
  • Explore how teachers manage classrooms.
  • Discuss different approaches to managing behaviour in classrooms.
  • Compare school structures and different types of schools.
  • Explore how your own experience of education has influenced your views of schools.
  • Design an action plan to move into a career in teaching.


  • What makes a good teacher and can teaching be ‘measured’?
  • How teachers manage behaviour in classrooms.
  • Use own experiences and further research to gain an understanding of different school structures.
  • Develop an action plan to take the first steps into a career in teaching.

Issued on 24th November 2020

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Preparing for Teaching

Manchester Metropolitan University