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Certificate of Achievement

Randal Oulton

has completed the following course:

Shakespeare: Context and Stagecraft

King's College London

This course delves deeper into areas of Shakespeare's plays that schools often don’t have time to cover, such as performance, dramaturgy, and context. It considers the plays in the historical context of their creation, looking at theatre conditions, the political environment and literary influences. It looks closely at how language not only shapes meaning but also guides the actors. It considers the afterlives of the plays and their continuing relevance and their aptness for reinterpretation.

2 weeks, 3 hours per week

Gemma Miller

Lecturer in Shakespeare and Early Modern Drama

King's College London


Learning outcomes

  • Explore the language and themes of Shakespeare’s plays
  • Identify early modern performance practices and how they contributed to Shakespeare’s stagecraft
  • Explain the plays’ social and historical context
  • Compare different performance choices


  • Shakespeare’s stagecraft
  • Early modern performance conditions and Shakespeare’s plays
  • Language and how it creates meaning
  • Historical and literary context of the plays
  • The afterlives of Shakespeare’s plays

Issued on 20th October 2020

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Shakespeare: Context and Stagecraft

King's College London