Certificate of Achievement

Riaz Hussain

has completed the following course:

Evidence and Data Collection for Problem Solving

University of Leeds and Institute of Coding

On this course, you’ve been introduced to key data concepts, learning how to solve simple, everyday problems using data. You’ve discovered data ethics and the restrictions that exist in using other people’s data and learned how to present data in a meaningful way that’s easy to understand through data visualisation techniques. To give real-world context to your learning, you’ve examined these data concepts through the case study of a small business owner.

2 weeks, 2 hours per week

Kim Plowright

Lead Educator

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Learning outcomes

  • Describe the difference between data, metadata and knowledge
  • Summarise how data is used to solve problems
  • Interpret trends and analyse patterns from a dataset
  • Debate the ethical considerations of data collection
  • Produce a plan to solve a problem with evidence and data
  • Apply a simple visualisation technique to make data easier to understand and work with


  • Explore the notion of data and what that actually means
  • Learn the key terminology related to dealing with data
  • Explore how data can be used to solve problems
  • Explore individual sets of data that can be brought together to form datasets, which can then be used for greater insights
  • Explore the ethics and rules of using other people’s data
  • Learn how to turn data into something visual and easy to understand

Issued on 22nd September 2020

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Evidence and Data Collection for Problem Solving

University of Leeds