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Certificate of Achievement

Diego Diaz

has completed the following course:

Advanced Data Mining with Weka

The University of Waikato

This online course introduced expert-level skills in practical data mining. Participants learned how to use extensions to Weka to solve a variety of large-scale problems and to interface to scripting facilities and other data mining systems. They encountered diverse applications of data mining.

5 weeks, 4 hours per week

Ian H. Witten

Professor of Computer Science

The University of Waikato

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Learning outcomes

  • Discuss the use of lagged variables in time series forecasting
  • Explore the use of overlay data in time series forecasting
  • Identify several different applications of data mining with Weka
  • Compare incremental and non-incremental implementations of classifiers
  • Evaluate the performance of classifiers under conditions of concept drift
  • Classify tweets using various techniques
  • Calculate optimal parameter values for non-linear support vector machines
  • Demonstrate the use of R classifiers in Weka
  • Develop R commands and R scripts from Weka
  • Explain how distributed Weka runs Weka on a cluster of machines
  • Experiment with distributed implementations of Weka classifiers and clusterers
  • Explain how “map” and “reduce” tasks are used to distribute Weka
  • Design Python and Groovy scripts for Weka operations
  • Apply Python libraries to produce sophisticated visualizations of Weka output
  • Describe how Weka can be invoked from within a Python environment


  • Time series analysis
  • Data stream mining
  • Incremental classifiers
  • Evolving data streams
  • Support vector machines
  • Accessing data mining in R
  • Distributed data mining
  • Map-reduce framework
  • Scripting data mining in Python and Groovy
  • Applications * Soil analysis * Sentiment analysis * Bioinformatics * MRI neuroimaging * Image classification

Issued on 16th December 2017

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Advanced Data Mining with Weka

The University of Waikato