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Certificate of Achievement

Vimala V M

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Managing Behaviour for Learning

National STEM Learning Centre

This online CPD course for teachers covered behaviour management techniques and enabled participants to develop their approaches to improving student behaviour in their classroom. This course included practical activities to complete in learners' own contexts, discussions about teaching practice and tasks to create classroom resources to support managing behaviour.

5 weeks, 3 hours per week

Becca Knowles

Course Educator

National STEM Learning Centre

Paul Dix

Course Educator

Pivotal Education


Learning outcomes

  • Assess how your own behaviour influences the behaviour of your students.
  • Apply rules and routines to achieve consistency.
  • Apply recognition intelligently to motivate students.
  • Demonstrate how to reduce friction when students behave badly.
  • Develop reparation and restorative practice.


  • Managing your own behaviour to influence your students’ behaviour: controlling yourself, adult behaviour and interacting with students.
  • Using rules and routines to achieve consistency: routines, rules and habits.
  • Intelligent use of recognition to motivate students: recognition, classroom techniques and communicating home.
  • Reducing friction when students behave badly: diverting and diffusing, scripted interventions.
  • Reparation and restorative practice: punishments and restoration.


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Managing Behaviour for Learning

National STEM Learning Centre