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Upskill today and land your dream job

For many people around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic has meant lockdown resulting in an economic downturn, with unemployment figures rising and those entering the workplace finding it difficult to find their ideal job.

At this time, upskilling, reskilling, and brushing up on your interview techniques are a great way to try to futureproof your career, whether that means becoming indispensable in the job you’re in today or having all the right skills for the job you need tomorrow.

Interview prep that works

We’ve got a great selection of online courses to boost your interview skills and to help you upskill from top organisations and universities such as the University of Leeds, the University of Sheffield, Accenture, Graduate Coach, and the Institute of Coding to name a few.

We also cover career growth, moving into leadership, and even how to tackle imposter syndrome, putting you in the perfect headspace to really boost your career.

Develop in-demand skills that impress employers

In-demand skills are always changing, but so is our course portfolio. We have hundreds of courses available across the most in-demand skills; our courses cover everything from soft skills like effective communication in the workplace or negotiation, through to hard skills like data analytics and even how to use Microsoft Excel.

The range of courses means that you can do everything from a quick 1-2 week brush up so that you can add desired skills and certifications to your CV, through to in-depth microcredentials that really build your career prospects.

Study online for your dream career

Whether you want to understand data better, be able to negotiate a pay rise, or you’re looking to move into a leadership position – FutureLearn’s free online courses from top educators have you covered.

Our courses are created to be 100% online, letting you engage on each step with learners from around the world.

Being social is a great way to learn from and share tips with other learners. Hopefully, these courses and great tips will help you ace that interview.