2 Microcredentials

Our online microcredentials are designed to upskill you for work in rapidly-growing industries, without the time and cost commitment of a full degree. They can be used as an independent certification, and some even offer academic credit to use towards a degree. Each microcredential also includes a formal online assessment.

Learn to love the planet

The climate crisis is the great social and political challenge of our lifetime. With temperatures reaching record highs, and flooding and wildfires becoming increasingly common around the world, it’s never been more urgent to tackle climate change and implement sustainable policies.

We’ve brought together our most popular climate action courses to inspire you. The future of Planet Earth is a worthy investment, so what will you do to help?

Education is a vital tool to tackle climate change. Whether you want to learn about the science behind the crisis, or understand how to offset your organisation’s carbon footprint, these courses will give you the tools you need to enact real change.

Discover climate change solutions from leading experts

Our courses are 100% online, and designed by top educators at some of the world’s best universities. That means you can study cutting-edge climate research from your own home, in your own time.

These courses are the ideal way to upskill in sustainability – across fields as varied as fashion and construction – or simply educate yourself on the latest thinking in climate research and find ways to tackle climate change.

It’s vital that we try to make a difference as individuals and communities, and educating yourself about the issues that matter is the best way to learn simple, actionable steps you can take to get tangible results. With FutureLearn, that education has never been easier, or more accessible.