Understand and care for people with dementia

This collection of free online dementia courses is designed for healthcare professionals or family and friends who care for people with dementia.

Developed by leading medical schools and universities, these courses will help you understand the symptoms and challenges associated with dementia, memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease, and explore the latest information, research and best practice advice for carers.

Through the courses, you can:

Understand dementia

Dementia - an umbrella term for a number of diseases - is estimated to affect over 44 million people worldwide. These online courses will help you understand the symptoms of dementia; find out how dementia affects the brain, memory and language; and look at less common forms, such as familial Alzheimer’s disease and dementia with Lewy bodies.

Care for people with dementia

Whether you’re a professional or family carer, these dementia courses will help you better understand the person you’re caring for, and offer best practice advice on managing challenging behaviour and diffusing stressful situations. They will help you stay connected with your loved one with enhanced communication skills.

Learn with dementia experts and other carers

On every course, you’ll learn with academic dementia experts and practising clinicians from some of the world’s best universities and medical schools. But you’ll also be able to meet, share your experiences with and learn from other carers worldwide through course discussions.