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Whereas previous lessons focused on policy, state and society at large, this lesson will focus on the individual, the family, and the Jewish communities in German-occupied eastern, western, and southern Europe, as well as North Africa. Using a broad range of war-time accounts - official documents, diaries, letters, artwork, and more – we will attempt to examine what happened to both the individual and to society during this time of extremes.

Jews were isolated and dispossessed all over Europe in a variety of ways and techniques. We shall discuss and analyze the various ways that Jews were segregated from their environment, the enormous physical and mental hardship suffered by the Jews of Europe, as well as the different coping strategies that were applied vis-a-vis oppression and destruction. By comparing to the fate of other groups persecuted by the Nazis, the common and the unique features of the Jewish fate during the Holocaust in various European countries will be accentuated; in this context, special attention will be given to fundamental questions of leadership and headship, as well as to the challenging and problematic concepts of cooperation and collaboration.

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The Holocaust: an Introduction - Part 1

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