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Programming Applications with Python

Kickstart your programming career by learning how to program simple applications in Python.

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Get in-demand skills in programming with Python

This programming ExpertTrack will give you a comprehensive introduction in how to use Python.

Learning using videos, quizzes, and assignments, you’ll gain the skills needed to start a career as a developer, or more effectively manage a development team with a better understanding of the power of Python.

Start programming applications in Python

You’ll begin by exploring best practice for reading and creating files and directories in Python, learning how Python is used for data collection, wrangling, and exploration.

Data analysis and collection are key real-world skills that are increasingly sought-after, forming a crucial pillar of the emerging digital economy.

Learn how to create a graphics user interface (GUI)

GUIs are key for any web service, and Python underpins many of the most-used GUIs today.

On the second course in the ExpertTrack, you’ll discover the Tkinter Python library and explore how you can use it to make a successful GUI.

You’ll create buttons, sliders, images, dropdown boxes, and add images, leaving you ready to apply practical skills to your own GUI project.

Discover the power of web scraping

On the final course in the series, you’ll get further core programming training in Python, including exploring Python libraries, HTTP requests, and the key elements of APIs.

You’ll learn what web scraping is, its pros and cons, and how to perform it yourself using BeautifulSoup.

Is there demand for digital technology professionals?

According to the latest Tech Nation report, there was a 150% increase in demand for roles within the digital technology sector between 2015-2018.

A more recent analysis by Microsoft, completed post-pandemic, has forecast an additional UK job capacity of 2 million in software development and programming between 2020 and 2025.

How important is Python?

Python is the world’s leading programming language, cited by RedMonk Analyst firm co-founder Stephen O’Grady (2020) as vitally important to web services thanks to its flexibility.

Leading web services such as Google, Dropbox, and Instagram are underpinned by Python, while its use in data analysis and number crunching make it indispensable in academia.

Python’s importance to the digital economy continues to grow as services offering automation and augmentation become increasingly common.

Industry statistics

  • Median base salary

  • UK job openings/month


Key skills you will learn

  • Python
  • Programming
  • APIs
  • Web Development

Learning outcomes

By the end of the ExpertTrack, you’ll be able to...

  • Identify key elements of data analysis using Python
  • Identify and define key elements for web development and elements needed to create a GUI using Python
  • Articulate key elements for APIs
  • Identify and define key elements for webscraping using Python

Experience required

This ExpertTrack will teach you the fundamentals of programming applications with Python and you will walk away with the foundations to enter a programming career or differentiate yourself in multiple digital technology roles.

No prior experience is required to succeed in this ExpertTrack.

On this ExpertTrack we’ll be using Python. We recommend you use a computer to access these elements.

Getting started

This ExpertTrack would appeal to:

  • Learners looking for an entry-level role as a programmer.
  • Established technology professionals wanting to better understand the versatility of Python.
  • Technology team leaders wanting training in key concepts to more effectively manage development teams.

ExpertTrack course overview

  • Course 1

    Discover how to read and create files and directories in Python, and how Python is used for data collection and exploration.

    1 test

    4 weeks

    4 hours per week

    • Week 1

      Reading and writing files in Python
      • Welcome to the course!
      • Reading and writing files
      • Working with directories
      • Wrap-up
    • Week 2

      Working with directories
      • Introduction
      • Working with directories
      • Wrap-up
    • Week 3

      Data analytics and data collection
      • Introduction
      • General framework and process for data analytics projects
      • Data collection
      • Wrap-up
    • Week 4

      Data wrangling and data exploration
      • Introduction
      • Data wrangling
      • Data exploration
      • Wrap-up
      • Graded course test
  • Course 2

    On this second course in the ExpertTrack, you’ll discover how to create a GUI using Python and start to explore creating APIs.

    1 test

    4 weeks

    4 hours per week

    • Week 1

      Graphics User Interface I
      • Introduction
      • GUI libraries
      • Creating GUI applications
      • Wrap-up
    • Week 2

      Graphics User Interface II
      • Introduction
      • Creating GUI applications (contd..)
      • Wrap-up
    • Week 3

      Web Development with Python
      • Introduction
      • Web development frameworks
      • Python frameworks for web development
      • Wrap-up
    • Week 4

      Creating APIs with Python
      • Introduction
      • Designing APIs
      • Pros and cons of using Python for web development
      • Wrap-up
  • Course 3

    On the final course of this ExpertTrack, consider applications for APIs and Python, and explore the purpose of web scraping.

    1 test

    4 weeks

    4 hours per week

    • Week 1

      Working With APIs
      • Welcome to the course!
      • Python libraries for networking
      • HTTP Requests
      • Wrap-up
    • Week 2

      JSON, error handling, and exceptions
      • Introduction
      • HTTP requests
      • Error handling
      • Wrap-up
    • Week 3

      Web scraping
      • Introduction
      • Introducing web scraping
      • Web Scraping libraries
      • Wrap-up
    • Week 4

      Web scraping libraries and more
      • Introduction
      • Introducing BeautifulSoup
      • Pros and cons of web scraping
      • Wrap-up
      • Graded Course Test

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