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Believe, Build, Become: How to Supercharge your Career

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Build the skills, confidence and network you need to realise your true potential and achieve your professional goals.

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Supercharge your career with AllBright by improving your skills and networking

This ExpertTrack will equip you with the skills, network and confidence you need to take control of your career trajectory and achieve your goals.

Designed by women for women, we invite you to focus on first asking, what do you want? Before moving on to how are you going to get there? Finally, who is going to help you?

If you want to supercharge your career, this in-depth ExpertTrack will give you the skills and confidence to do just that. Guided by entrepreneurs and experts, you’ll take the time to explore:

  • how to use your strengths and build new ones
  • what your motivations are
  • what skills and resources you have available
  • how to develop a sense of vision, resilience and creativity that will bring an entrepreneurial flair to all aspects of your professional life
  • how to turn challenges into opportunities and take calculated risks
  • how to build a meaningful professional network.

Grow the confidence to boost or completely change your career

Unlock your potential and commit to a chosen career direction. Driving change, especially in such uncertain times, takes resilience and knowledge of your own potential, as well as a strong foundation to build a new or better career from.

Be your own career coach and identify your key strengths

An honest assessment of your core values, as well as your own strengths and where you need to focus for improvement, is the first step in charting your career path.

Once you’ve identified your strengths and areas for improvement as well as your motivation for work, you’ll build the tools and skills to unlock your potential and commit to a desired career direction.

As you draw this section to a close, we invite you to start creating a career plan including actionable steps to get you started.

Improve your networking skills

The final piece of the puzzle crucially focuses on the people around you.

It’s time to build your own network and make sure it’s serving you in a meaningful way that delivers against your goals and priorities.

Grow the soft skills that will build your career

Here we explore the skills needed to enhance communication, the ability to listen and most importantly to ask smarter questions that lead to meaningful interactions. Ones that spark new and exciting opportunities. This will include case studies from business leaders with insightful analysis of their personal and professional networks, how they started and grew them to be at the heart of their career development.

Key skills you will learn

  • Networking
  • Goal Setting
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Communication
  • Risk Awareness
  • Self Assessment
  • Career Planning
  • Professional Development
  • Discovering Your Values

Experience required

No prior experience is required to take this ExpertTrack however we recommend showing up for yourself and being accountable to the goals and tasks you set for yourself. To do this, it can help to talk to others about your experiences and learnings as you progress through the content.

Getting started

This course is for professional women of all ages who want to focus on their personal development goals and create a ripple effect that will have a positive impact on their career, wellbeing, and relationships.

ExpertTrack course overview

  • Course 1

    4.8 (50 reviews)

    Get the support and skills you need to realise your professional ambitions with AllBright Academy’s career development course.

    4 weeks

    2 hours per week

    • Week 1

      Start with 'Why?'
      • Believe, Build, Become
      • Introduction to Project You: Supercharge your career.
      • The Importance of 'Why?'
      • Finding your own 'Why?'
      • Accessing your power.
      • Chapter Case Study.
      • Making choices and decision.
      • Becoming accountable.
      • Taking Action.
      • Everyday You.
      • Chapters Summary & Resources.
      • What's Up Next?
    • Week 2

      Discover your values.
      • Values.
      • Discovering your own values.
      • Deepening your relationship with values.
      • Chapter Case Study.
      • Uncovering dissonance.
      • Claiming your chosen career path.
      • Taking Action.
      • Everyday You.
      • Chapter Summary & Resources.
    • Week 3

      Get to know yourself.
      • Who are you?
      • How well do you know yourself?
      • Acknowledge your strengths.
      • Chapter Case Study.
      • Integrate your weaknesses.
      • Becoming purposeful.
      • Owning who you are.
      • Everyday You.
      • Chapter Summary & Resources.
    • Week 4

      Supercharge your career.
      • Goals
      • The importance of goals.
      • Learning about SMART goals.
      • Chapter Case Study.
      • Achieve your goals.
      • Taking Action
      • Every Day You.
      • Chapter Summary & Resources.
      • Whole Course Summary
      • What's Up Next?
  • Course 2

    4.8 (5 reviews)

    Discover, develop and learn the skills that female entrepreneurs are famous for.

    4 weeks

    2 hours per week

    • Week 1

      The Entrepreneurial Mindset: Why everybody needs one.
      • Welcome to the Course
      • Welcome to this Week
      • Identify and Cultivate your Entrepreneurial Mindset
      • Live your life with an Entrepreneurial Mindset
      • Take Care of The Entrepreneur Within
      • Bring Those Entrepreneurial Ideas to Life
      • 2 Inspiring Real-Life Stories
      • Everyday You
      • Chapter Summary & Resources
    • Week 2

      Mindset: It All Starts with You
      • Welcome to this Chapter
      • Dive Into Your Control Centre
      • Create your Reality
      • Receive Coaching: 'My Passport' Exercise
      • Embrace your Growth Mindset
      • Harness Criticism: 2 Real-life Stories
      • Hone A Healthy Mindset
      • Visualise: PROMA© Cycle Exercise
      • Everyday You
      • Chapter Summary & Resources
    • Week 3

      How to Stay True to your Vision?
      • Welcome to this Chapter
      • Define your Vision
      • Work on your Legacy
      • Listen to your Intuition
      • Receive Coaching to Deal with Fear of Failure
      • 2 Inspiring Real-Life Stories on Vision
      • Recognise what to learn or leave behind
      • Learn on the Job
      • Everyday You
      • Chapter Summary & Resources
    • Week 4

      Reframing Uncertain Circumstances and Taking Risks
      • Welcome to this Chapter
      • Shift your Mindset: Mindset Prisms
      • Reframe Uncertain Circumstances
      • Testimonies from 3 Successful Founders
      • Venture Into Your Discomfort Zone
      • Everyday You
      • Chapter Summary & Resources
      • Whole Course Summary
      • What's Up Next?
  • Course 3

    Develop an understanding of the neuroscience of networking and learn how to communicate better.

    4 weeks

    2 hours per week

    • Week 1

      Networking 101
      • Sisterhood Works, Build A More Meaningful Network
      • The Networking Myths
      • The Nature Of Networks
      • Chapter Case Study
      • Social Chemistry
      • Taking Action
      • Everyday You
      • Chapter Summary & Resources
    • Week 2

      The Art of Making Meaningful Connections.
      • Meaningful Connections
      • Susan's Method, Part 1
      • Susan's Method, Part 2
      • Chapter Case Study
      • Susan's Method, Part 3
      • Taking Action
      • Everyday You
      • Chapter Summary & Resources
    • Week 3

      Resource Rich Networks
      • Resource Rich Networks
      • An Introduction To Resource Rich Networks
      • Why Introductions Matter
      • Inclusivity, The Importance Of Diversifying Your Network
      • Chapter Case Study
      • Enriching Your Network
      • Taking Action
      • Everyday You
      • Chapter Summary & Resources
      • Whole Course Summary
    • Week 4

      Believe, Build, Become
      • Believe, Build, Become: The Career Business Plan
      • Congratulations

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