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The best paying jobs in Bangladesh

If you’re looking to learn about some of the best-paying jobs in Bangladesh, we’ve got just the thing. We take a look at the top roles, how to get them, and how you can start your learning journey.

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The best-paying jobs in Bangladesh are, as in many countries, often found in the finance, healthcare, and IT sectors. However, it’s not limited to those areas, and there are plenty of high-paying roles in other industries. The job market in Bangladesh is crying out for skilled workers in many different fields.  With that in mind, we take a look at some of the top roles across a variety of industries.

As well as looking at some of the jobs that pay the most, we also explore what you need to do to get into them. To help you on your way, we’ve also included some links to relevant courses. It’s always a good idea to see whether you’re interested in a particular study area, as your salary is only one part of what makes a job role a good fit for you.

Financial Analyst

What is a financial analyst?

Financial analysts use their understanding of market trends, business structures, and data analytics to make recommendations for organisations. They create financial models that predict the outcome of particular business decisions, helping companies make investments and financial decisions. It’s a role that’s in high demand across the world and is one of the best-paying jobs in Bangladesh at the moment.

How do you become a financial analyst?

The best place to start when it comes to a career as a financial analyst is to get a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. Ideally, you’ll want a finance- or business-related qualification, as well as a deep understanding of analytics. Once you’re qualified, you’ll also need to take the Chartered Financial Analyst examination from the CFA Society Bangladesh.

How much do financial analysts make?

The average salary for a financial analyst in Bangladesh is 300,000 BDT.

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Software Developer

What is a software developer?

A software developer (sometimes known as a software engineer) develops new computer programs, software and technologies. They use their broad range of knowledge to come up with solutions to complex problems. Some software developers work across many areas, while others specialise in particular areas.

How do you become a software developer?

To get a job as a software developer, you’ll first need to build your knowledge of a range of IT and computer systems. Programming and coding are two of the skills you’ll need to excel at, so a computer science degree or similar is often a good place to start. Ultimately, you’ll need to display an extensive amount of experience in either paid work or on personal projects.

How much do software developers make?

The average salary for a software engineer in Bangladesh is 455,844 BDT.

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Electrical Engineer

What is an electrical engineer?

Electrical engineers work across many different industries. They are responsible for the planning, design, and implementation of devices and components that use electricity. All kinds of projects use the specialities that electrical engineers have to offer. Their skills are used to solve problems and develop new electrical systems. This varied skill set means that this is one of the best-paying jobs in Bangladesh.

How do you become an electrical engineer?

You’ll usually need a high level of education to get a job as an electrical engineer. A good place to start is with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Electrical & Electronic Engineering. From here, you’ll want to gain as much experience in the field as possible. You may also need to register with a governing body to become a certified electrical engineer.

How much do electrical engineers make?

The average salary for an electrical engineer in Bangladesh is 305,209 BDT.

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What is an accountant?

Accountants use their knowledge of numbers and finances to record and assess the financial health of a company or individual. They help with a wide range of tasks for both businesses and individuals, helping them to balance the books, maximise profits, and keep on top of their taxes. There are many areas of specialisation that accountants can pursue, making this one of the best-paying jobs in Bangladesh and many other countries.

How do you become an accountant?

There are several stages you’ll need to complete in order to become an accountant in Bangladesh. He first is to earn a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related field. From there, you can pick a speciality and continue further study. If you want to become a chartered accountant, you’ll also need to pass a four-part exam from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh.

How much do accountants make?

The average salary for an accountant in Bangladesh is 314,286 BDT.

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Financial Trader

What is a financial trader?

Financial traders are responsible for buying and selling shares, bonds and assets for investors. They work for financial institutions such as banks, as well as individuals. There are two main types of traders, flow traders (buy and sell for banks’ clients) and sales traders (buy and sell directly for clients). Financial traders often specialise in one particular product.

How do you become a financial trader?

A degree is a good place to start when it comes to a career as a financial trader. You’ll want to aim for a qualification in a field such as accountancy, business, economics or finance. Once you have a qualification, an internship or industry experience is usually necessary.

How much do financial traders make?

The average salary for a financial trader in Bangladesh is 455,844 BDT.

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Marketing Manager

What is a marketing manager?

A marketing manager oversees the marketing activities for a product or business. They’re often responsible for a range of areas, including things like budgets, marketing campaigns, advertising, negotiations, and more. It’s a varied role that often differs between industries and even companies. However, it’s one of the best-paying jobs in Bangladesh when it comes to marketing.

How do you become a marketing manager?

In most cases, you’ll need to have a relevant degree to get a job as a marketing manager. Anything related to marketing or management is a good start, while experience in the industry you’re hoping to work in also helps.

How much do marketing managers make?

The average salary for a marketing manager in Bangladesh is 540,000 BDT.

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Project Manager

What is a project manager?

Project managers work in just about every industry. Although there is a lot of niche knowledge required, it’s often a similar role across each particular area. Essentially, project managers are responsible for overseeing the successful delivery of a project. They plan, manage, and ensure that all tasks are on-track. This means that they have to account for things like costs, risks, and resources, balancing a variety of elements to make sure projects are successful. The role of project manager is one of the best-paying jobs in Bangladesh and in many other countries.

How do you become a project manager?

There are several ways you can get into project management. A degree is always a good place to start, usually in something related to business, management, or the field you wish to enter. From there, experience is essential, as you’ll want to develop your industry-specific knowledge.

How much do project managers make?

The average salary for an IT project manager in Bangladesh is 464,000 BDT.

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What is an architect?

An architect is a professional responsible for the planning and design of a building. They also oversee construction projects to make sure things are on track. A large part of the role sees architects working with clients to make a design that meets their needs and is structurally sound. They create detailed technical drawings, as well as come up with accurate specifications.

How do you become an architect?

To start your career as an architect, you’ll first need to complete a degree in architecture, typically taken over five years. Once you’ve completed your studies, you’ll need to gain some on-the-job experience and register with the Institute of Architects Bangladesh. To get started, discover our range of online architecture courses.

How much do business architects make?

The average salary for a design architect in Bangladesh is 320,000 BDT.

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