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£199.99 £139.99 for one year of Unlimited learning. Offer ends on 28 February 2023 at 23:59 (UTC). T&Cs apply

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Five benefits of being an Unlimited learner

In this post, we’re excited to share Unlimited, the newest way to learn on FutureLearn. Read on to find out how becoming an Unlimited learner will transform your life.

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For a while now learners have been asking for a way to pay to access more of our courses. We’re happy to say you now can – with Unlimited – a new flexible way for you to study on FutureLearn. For £189, you will get access to hundreds of FutureLearn short courses for a year and the opportunity to complete them at your own pace. If you gain a digital Certificate of Achievement on any of your courses, you will keep the course’s content beyond the year you’ve paid for.

It’s Unlimited by name and unlimited by nature. Unlimited has countless benefits, but we’ve narrowed it down to the top five so you can get stuck into learning sooner. 

1. Get unlimited access to short courses

As an Unlimited learner, you get access to all of FutureLearn’s short courses that offer a Certificate of Achievement (excluding premium courses) for a year. You can join as many courses as you like – perfect if you struggle to pick and choose a topic. Don’t know what archaeology course you’ll dig the most? Are you a bookworm with an appetite for literature? Whatever your interests you can pursue them easily with hundreds of courses in almost as many topics.

2. Learn at your own pace

In October 2018, a survey of over 3,000 FutureLearners revealed more than 30% of people valued the ability to be able to complete their courses at their own pace. With Unlimited, you have an entire year to complete your courses. Whether daytime, evening or waiting in the car while the kids finish football training, you can choose when you study.

3. Prove your achievements

When you achieve something great, it’s fun to shout it from the rooftops. Scared of heights? No worries – Unlimited offers digital Certificates of Achievement on all your courses (once you’re eligible) so you can show off your hard work the easy way. A certificate shows your initiative and passion for learning and is the perfect way to set yourself apart from the competition in your field. Our research shows that one of the top five considerations for employers when hiring is proof of continuous learning.

4. Keep your course content

The mind is fickle: you might find it easy to remember song lyrics but always forget the important things, like your anniversary or Newton’s first law. With Unlimited, there’s no need to cram: you can keep the content of all the courses you’ve gained a certificate on. Access the articles, videos and quizzes of your course whenever you need to revise, like before a job interview, exam or hotly-contested pub quiz.

5. Save time and money

At £189 for a year, Unlimited offers better value for money when compared to upgrading individual courses. One simple payment means less time at the checkout and more time learning. Fancy building your skills across one particular field, like business or teaching? Pitch Unlimited to your employer and ask them to invest in your self-development. You’re worth it.

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You can unlock new opportunities with unlimited access to hundreds of online short courses for a year by subscribing to our Unlimited package. Build your knowledge with top universities and organisations.

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