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The 10 Most Employable Degrees in the UK

Discover which degrees have the highest employment potential with this handy list of top ten most employable degrees in the UK.

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If you want to increase your chances of finding a rewarding, well-paid career after studying, it’s a good idea to consider the employability of your degree. Employability is a measure of how likely you are to get a job in your chosen field, and how well your skills and knowledge match the needs of employers. 

Some degrees are more employable than others. Employability depends on the demand and supply of graduates in the labour market, the relevance of the skills they provide, and the reputation and quality of the institutions that provide them.

There’s a lot to take into account when it comes to choosing the right degree – from job satisfaction to starting salary and further career progression. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this article, where you’ll discover some of the most employable degrees in the UK.


Qualifications in Healthcare are some of the most employable degrees in the UK. They can be challenging yet rewarding disciplines. Healthcare often requires lots of studying and training, but this is counterbalanced by a high level of job security – we’ll always need qualified doctors, nurses and health specialists.

If you’re more interested in the policy side of things, a degree in public health can be a widely sought discipline. Several online degrees cater to advancing leadership and management skills in the context of global health challenges. For example, an online MSc Health Economics & Health Policy offers career-ready skills from a top 10 UK university for ‘boosting graduate salaries.’

If you’re looking to make a difference in society, a healthcare career is a valuable, always in-demand profession. Online degrees provide added flexibility, helping you to elevate your knowledge while accommodating the demands of modern life.

If you’re keen to pursue a degree in healthcare, check out our range of online degrees:

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Engineers are always in high demand, and engineering degrees are a solid option for both employability and career advancement. This field entails the application of scientific and mathematical principles to design, construct, and enhance various systems, products, and processes. 

Opting for an engineering degree can certainly help future-proof your career. Spanning disciplines as diverse as civil, mechanical, and computer engineering, there are a wide range of increasingly sought-after roles. As an always-evolving field, it constantly presents new challenges for engineers, focusing on critical areas such as climate change and energy sustainability. With flexible online options like FutureLearn, you can earn your engineering degree from the comfort of your own home – at a schedule that suits you.

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Law is another highly employable degree, and a lucrative one, too. You can choose to specialise in a field that resonates with your area of expertise, from criminal to civil, commercial and human rights. The foundational knowledge you’ll learn can be applied to every corner of society, from business to politics and media. Law graduates can also pursue careers as solicitors, barristers, judges, legal advisers, or academics.

Studying law can set you up for a world of possibilities, and can have a profound impact on the lives of the people and communities you work with. 

Business and Management

Up next on our list of degrees with the highest employment rate – business and management. Business and management is a diverse field, covering a wide range of topics – from trading to finance, from strategy to entrepreneurship and more. A degree in business management will provide you with the skills you need to succeed, whether that’s in starting your own business or elevating your business knowledge to a professional management level. Graduate employability rates are among the highest for those with degrees in Business and Management, and it remains a stable industry with high potential for career progression.

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Computers and technology

Technology is the cornerstone of modern society, so it’s no surprise that employers prize graduates with degrees in computing and technology. With one of these degrees, you’ll learn the skills you need to create, maintain, and manage computer systems across hardware and software. 

Studying computer science opens up a world of job opportunities. Graduates with a background in computers and technology can work in the development of new software (including AI and cybersecurity), systems analysis, network administration and IT consulting. The versatile skills gained from a computer degree make individuals highly desirable in today’s tech-focused job market. 

Employers appreciate the problem-solving abilities, technical proficiency, and adaptability of computer and technology grads. It’s a top choice for students seeking a career with lasting relevance, and ever-evolving career prospects.

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If your purpose is to inspire young minds, a specialised degree in education is the route to getting there. Education involves studying the theory of teaching and learning, from the curriculum to assessment and the psychology of education. 

A PGCE degree is a popular pathway to teaching. Internationally recognised, a PGCE qualification provides graduates with a thorough academic understanding of teaching and learning. Education graduates can also go on to work as educational researchers, SEN specialists, lecturers or public policymakers.

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If you’re creatively minded with a scientific flair, a degree in architecture could be for you. It’s a hugely employable degree, with nearly half of architecture graduates working in CAD, drawing or as architectural technicians after graduating, and a further 16% becoming full-fledged architects, surveyors or planning officers. 

Using both creative and technical skills to create beautiful, functional spaces, architects work across various sectors – from residential to commercial to public space design. It’s an employable discipline with plenty of transferable skills, such as project management, technical drawing and problem-solving. You’ll develop artistic and technical abilities such as drawing, modelling and CAD (Computer Aided Design) if you choose to study architecture.

Physical Sciences

Physical Sciences are a fascinating and highly-employable degree for potential graduates. If you’re interested in the laws that govern the world we live in, and the study of natural phenomena, from chemistry to physics and geology, there’s plenty of work available in the fields of science, engineering and biotech. 

As we navigate the complexities of climate change and sustainable energy, graduates with a background in Physical Sciences are more in demand than ever before. It’s also a great way to develop transferable skills in science, statistics and technology. 


Marketing shapes the digital world, and there’s always demand for skilled creatives in this field. If you’re interested in how people think and behave, and how you can convert them into happy customers, then marketing might be the degree for you. 

A degree in marketing will set you up for all kinds of careers in the UK, from business to media, PR to digital growth and more. It’s a dynamic, creative field that demands versatility in adapting to changing consumer behaviours and technology. It can provide graduates with a higher employment rate and competitive salary compared with other creative industries.

>> Discover our range of online Marketing degrees

Biological Sciences

Biological science is the study of living organisms, from the human body to molecules and ecosystems. Hospitals and healthcare facilities rely on scientists trained in biology-related fields to conduct research and develop medicines and treatment plans. It’s a valuable degree that helps to address pressing challenges to health and the environment. 

Biological Science graduates can access a raft of well-paid careers, from clinical research to microbiology and pharmaceuticals. There are also opportunities in academia, government, education and beyond – employers love a scientist, and with so many transferable skills, graduates are routinely sought after.

Future-proof your career with FutureLearn

These are some of the most employable degrees in the UK, but there are plenty of other employable degrees to explore. Many degrees offer great prospects for graduates, and pathways to career success look different for everyone. Remember, your degree is not the end of your journey, but the beginning of it. Want to boost your career prospects with an employable degree online? At FutureLearn, we can help you achieve your goals with our flexible online learning options.

Check out our online degrees and find the right match to help you reach your goals.

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