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FutureLearn culture

Learning and development

At FutureLearn we are committed to helping our people unlock their potential through learning.

What we offer

There are lots of opportunities to do more focused professional learning, in addition to learning on the job, and from peers and mentors. 

We provide:

  • Team and personal budgets for personal development 
  • Staff Fee Waivers on OU degrees and Masters
  • Free FutureLearn courses and certificates
  • Time during working hours to complete online courses
  • Study leave and sabbaticals 

Learning together, in person and remotely

We wholeheartedly embrace teaching and learning as one of our core values. Got professional or personal passions you want to share with the company and the world? Below are some of the ways you can get your ideas out there.


We organise retrospectives after every sprint and share the learnings with the whole organisation.

Learning Hours

Anyone can run a learning hour  where they teach others about a professional topic they’re passionate about and experienced in.

Lightning talks

These take the form of a mini Ted Talk. People from around the company can present on any topic they like for 5-10 minutes.

Writing and sharing blog posts

Want to share your ideas and expertise online? Anyone’s welcome to write a blog post about their work  for the FutureLearn blog, hosted on Medium

Developing FutureLearn courses

Some of our employees act as lead educators for our white labeled courses, particularly in the area of teaching online. Some have won accolades, another reason to embrace learning as a core value. 


News, blogs and resources on Learning and development

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