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Week 3 Summary
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Week 3 Summary

This video summarize what we learned in the third week.
Hello everybody and congratulations for finishing weak No.3. This week is one of my favourite weeks, because we really dig into legal reasoning, training data, legal learning, and government. So we really drill deontic logic, this idea of how we represent ethics, so that we can train artificial agents robot basically. And we gave an example, a situation of a robot physician assistant, or robot nurse in a hospital. Then we talked about training data for the legal domain, and acquisition storage and management of legal data. And we talked about how we need to document data sets, the acquisition of data. What was the motivation for acquiring the data? Was it purchased?
How the data was processed, how the data is stored, how the data is maintain, and who is doing all of this, and what are the interests of people doing this. Then we talked about legal learning, something I am interested in, of course is a law professor. And this idea of intelligent legal tutoring system. First talking about intelligent tutoring systems, meaning artificially intelligent systems to tailor the learning experience for each student, rather than this idea of, in the legal field especially, classroom setting where the teacher is standing and delivering to a broads of hundred or so students. How A.I. can help us really tailor make the learning experience for our learning abilities, diverse learning abilities of all people.
diverse learning abilities of all people. Then we talked about government, and we talked about all of the “e, involved e-Government, e-Democracy, e-Justice, e-Participation,e-Voting, those sort of things, and the idea of open and linked data. Basically how governments are becoming more digitized in the delivery of their services, for citizens. And how citizens can, in this new environment, still participate in the process. So I hope you enjoyed week three. We are over halfway through, and I look forward to learning with you in week No.4. Thanks everybody, please take care.

In the third week, we dug into legal reasoning, training data, legal learning, and government. These are our favorite topics, and we hope you like these topics as well. Please feel free to share your ideas or ask questions in the comment section.

Next week will be the final part of the course, we’ll talk about blockchain, legal design, and legal forensics. Stay tuned.

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