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Week 4 Introduction

Give a brief introduction of the final week.
Hello everybody and welcome to the fourth and final week of the course, on A.I. for legal professionals part two, relating to tools for legal professionals. Again this is the fourth and final week, congratulations for making it this far. congratulations for making it this far. In this week, we’ll talk about three topics, the first being blockchain and law, second being legal design, and the third being legal forensics. So with regard to blockchain and law, we’ll talk about smart contracts and whether they are smart or contracts. And the application of blockchain in the legal domain, I’ll explain blockchain, give you an overall and a standing blockchain, and how it is used in the legal domain.
Then I’ll talk about specific use cases smart contracts, supply chain in the identity industry, and health care is using evidence. You won’t hear me talk a lot about Bitcoin or cryptocurrency. I mainly focus on everything but Bitcoin, cryptocurrency. I mainly focus on everything but Bitcoin, cryptocurrency. And then I’ll move to some lecture on legal design, and focusing on data visualization, legal knowledge visualisation, and focus on this idea of design thinking in the law. And how we can return it to the user, returned to their human centeredness in the law. I’ll talk about legal technology design as well. Then I’ll wrap up week four with a discussion of legal forensics, and the so-called intelligent support systems for law and forensics.
how we are using A.I. machine learning to uncover crimes, to uncover wrongdoing, and how technology is helping police and law enforcement do their jobs better. I’ll also talk about sentiment analysis, and how A.I. and machine learning is understanding us, based on our sentiment or emotion or outward appearance in general, the way we talk, the contend to our speech, how we walk, how we use our hands, how we behave in general, and how A.I. is using that to make decisions about us, for example, whether or not a company hires. So I hope you enjoy week No.4, this final week. Thanks everybody and take care.

This is the final week of the course. Congratulations for making it this far. In this week, we’ll talk about blockchain, legal design, and legal forensics.

Follow our steps, and hope you have a great learning experience.

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