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Islamist violence

Islamist violence
As we can see, antisemitism has held a major place in Islamist ideology. According to Prof. Bassam Tibi, antisemitism and the perception of the Jews as one of the main enemies of Islam serve as one of the six major features of Islamism. As a result of this, many of the Islamist terrorist attacks committed in the West over the past years have also targeted Jews. Some of the deadliest incidents took place in France. One such incident was the 2012 Toulouse and Montauban shootings, where three young Jewish children and a Jewish school teacher, who was the father of two of them, were murdered, as well as three French soldiers.
Let us now further explore and discuss the violent acts committed in the name of Islamism in France. For a great many years, in France we have had to deal with terrorist attacks, perpetrated by Islamists. These are very serious occurrences. Consider the attack that was committed in January 2015 by two Islamists, the Kouachi brothers, against the Charlie Hebdo editorial board. Almost the entire board was wiped out. Consider that afterwards, there was an attack against a kosher supermarket at Porte de Vincennes, in Paris. The Islamists wanted to target Jews, and only Jews, because they were Jews. Before that, they had wanted to strike journalists because they were journalists and police officers because they were police officers.
Things change after the attack committed in November 2016 at the Bataclan, in Paris. Here you have Islamists attacking bystanders, whoever they may be, in a live music venue, in restaurants or at the Stade de France where a soccer game was underway, in the presence of the President of the Republic. They struck indiscriminately. And when they attacked the live music venue, the Bataclan, 85 people were murdered. It is not 85 Jews, police officers or journalists, but the people who were there. Also consider what happened in Nice on July, 14th when that truck ran into a crowd to hit them, crush them, murder them.
A single truck driver driven by that horrendous ideology, and all those people who were screaming on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice. Islamists have published things. This is an Islamist publication in French. What do they say? A police officer is crying, because what he saw was too much. And they say, in their publication which is called “Dar Al-Islam”, which is an ISIS publication that is published in many languages including French, that “France is on its knees.” “France on its knees”. Look at this edition of Dar Al-Islam, where you have a jihadist telling us that the attacks that the terror attacks are the prophetic path. It is access to paradise. It is what Allah wants, according to them, obviously.
So Islamists are driven by this hatred of the Western world, of anything unlike them, this hatred of modernity, this confusion and manipulation of the sacred texts, this crazed ideological insanity that compels them to kill anything that is different from them. This includes journalists, police officers, Jews, Christians - – a priest had his throat cut in his church a couple months ago as he was worshipping inside his church – and anybody present at a protest, including other Muslims, which they do, by the way, when they perpetrate attacks in Syria, Iraq or elsewhere. In fact, we have here a perverse, extremely dangerous ideology, which tries to attract Muslims by convincing them that Westerners, Jews, and Christians want to harm them and Islam.
This is, of course, delusion and fantasy. But this is how they try, faced with the silence of computers, and the people watching this propaganda, to attract people who will then, perhaps, commit the worst crimes. The Islamist sees the Jew as his enemy, as he sees the Christian as his enemy, just as he sees those who defend freedom of speech, republicans and democrats and even France, as his enemies. Because they are Islamists and they want to spread Islamism, they are that much more dangerous.

Prof. Marc Knobel

As we can see, antisemitism has held a major place in Islamist ideology, both in the past and in the present. Thus, many of the Islamist terror attacks committed in the West over the past years have also targeted Jews. Some of the deadliest incidents have taken place in France.

Who are the main targets of Islamists today?


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