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You’ve got style — but what makes a style yours?

Personal style has two components, items and ideas, which communicate who you are to the world and determine how the world perceives you
Sam and Shaka sitting on stools facing the camera.

Style. Swagger. Cool.

You got it or you don’t.

Right? Wrong?

This has nothing to do with how-to guides on matching socks and suspenders, accessorising for a special occasion or office to afterparty must-have wardrobe convertibles.

Style is not any number of items arranged in any particular way. Neither is it a pre-approved dress code originated by any specific community or a subculture.

Style is the sum total of your life experiences and expressions.

Style, Ergo Sum!

“I got style, therefore, I am.” — René Descartes*

*If only this 17th century French philosopher were a 21st century social media influencer!

Personal style

Personal style has two components: items and ideas. Together they communicate who you are to the world and determine how the world perceives you.

Below is a simplified graphic to help grasp the relationship between these components. Any entry in the first column can be influenced by any entry from the second column, and vice versa. For example, a choice of all things ‘modest fashion’ may be informed by one’s faith, sense of justice, and/or study of cultural history.

Likewise, interest in a ‘cyberpunk lifestyle’ may include particular types of accessories, artworks, and/or a corresponding soundtrack.

The more aware you are of this dynamic process in your personal and professional life, the more intentional you could be in communicating your style with clarity and purpose. This notion applies to individuals and brands alike.

Items & Garments Ideas & Experiences
Underwear Cultural Ancestry
Footwear Spirituality
Tops & Bottoms Historical Epochs
Eyewear Scientific Curiosity
Headwear Athleticism
Hair & Makeup Justice Movements
Playlist & Streaming Queue Music & Literary Genres
Furniture & Décor Eroticism
Sports & Wellness Gear Travel & Wanderlust
Events & Mementos Politics
Etc Etc


It is worth exploring in greater detail how the Art Comes First unique sense of style has drawn upon different ideas and experiences to manifest itself in various garments, artifacts and events. But for now, here is a teaser trailer puzzle/riddle about the style of Sam Lambert & Shaka Maidoh…

Hats Nostalgia
Glasses Urban Landscapes
Collars & Scarves Coal & Cotton
Scissors & Threads Resistance & Protest
Vinyl Records Seydou Keïta
Monochrome Optimism
Grooming Products Harlem Renaissance
Boarding Passes Saville Row
Zines Jazz
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Art Comes First: Exploring the Intersection of Style and Identity

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