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What is self-care and self-development?

Nothing good happens without an engaged self; you are your most trusted asset in spheres both personal and professional

Bayard Rustin, gay African American civil rights leader, noted: “We need, in every community, a group of angelic troublemakers.” He was talking about YOU.

Engage yourself

In life, in business, and in business life nothing good happens without an engaged self. YOU are your most trusted asset in spheres both personal and professional. Self-care and self-development are part of branding beyond 2020.

“Out there” there are plenty of resources on how to:

  • Hydrate and stretch properly
  • Get better sleep more frequently
  • Recharge your mojo anywhere
  • Find the right therapy or coaching
  • Avoid burnout

The Art Comes First philosophy insists that you prioritise accessing those resources, finding solutions that work for you and sticking to relentless practice of those life hacks. We do it, too.

Self-care practices

Sometimes, when the universe conspires on our behalf, self-care practices can actually transform into fulfilling community projects as well.

For example, Sam and Shaka grew up riding bikes. This experience is part of their best childhood memories as well as a common activity during their travels. Sometimes jumping on a bike is the most convenient way around town to avoid traffic. Sometimes it is an excellent way to relax and explore a new place. Once on a ride through Stockholm they got an idea…

A co-lab by a Swedish bicycle brand Vélosophy and Art Comes First now produces two types of bikes: Militant Guild with Knuckle Duster-levers and Racing Ron with 90mm carbon rims.

Part of the proceeds from this collaboration go to an initiative in Ghana which donates 100 bicycles a year to local schoolgirls to support their literal and metaphorical mobility.

In turn, these girls have an opportunity to practice fun self-care and pursue self-development opportunities. In this case, bikes came first. Learn more about the project here.


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