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All Media Is Social

Discover the reason why all media Is Social.

In our beloved Global Village, differences are negated and accentuated by the absence of physical distance and relativeness of time and timing. (Shout-out, Einstein!) Some information may get to you in a matter of seconds, other might takes days, months, or even years to circumnavigate the digital worlds before reaching your mind.

In 2018, a Nielsen study found adults in the United States averaged 11 hours of media engagement … per day! Since then things hardly got “better” around the world. Regardless of coronavirus related lockdown, the sheer volume of information coming at us daily can be overwhelming. To stand out, you and your brand need to make sure the content you put forth is thoughtful, meaningful and in line with the “inspire to be inspired” communication ethos.

From Tumblr On

Art Comes First social media history began on Tumblr in the summer of 2012. You can still browse all the posts in the archives. Generating much content through the years, one can sometimes forget certain images or texts. In preparation for this course, ACF reviewed its digital footprint. It is remarkable that among the earliest Tumblr posts one can find so much creative foreshadowing, admittedly unintentional. There is Malcolm X with a video camera, a black boy and his bicycle, vintage police reports from the Notting Hill Carnival, and Sam & Shaka rocking their streetstyle.

In a way social media is more than an opinionated informercial. It also serves as our moodboard, affirmation collage, and a digital wishing well. We suggest you take time to do a social media inventory of your self and/or your brand. Start at the beginning, scroll forward, note the trajectory of your growth. What personality does your social media convey? Would you find anything inspiring or insightful for yourself moving forward?

Art Comes First Online ACF digital community is about 200,000 very engaged followers across these platforms: Website: Instagram: 190K Facebook: 5K YouTube: 2K Twitter: 500 SoundCloud: 100 Join the tribe!


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