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The Application of Genetic Algorithm (GA)

Finally we can see some applications of Genetic algorithm. Genetic algorithm can be applied to find the maximum or minimum of a function. We can see this example. We wan to find the maximum of this function. However, it is difficult for some optimization strategies such as hill climbing techniques because of its oscillation. In the case, we can use genetic algorithm to solve the problem. We can see that genetic algorithm can find the maximum of the function as shown here. With some modification, genetic algorithm can also solve the Traveling salesman problem that a salesman has to visit all the cities with shortest path. Furthermore, genetic algorithm can be applied to automotive design, robotics, etc.

What is the application of genetic algorithm? Prof. Cheng give some simple definition in three ways.

  • It can be applied to find the maximum or minimum of a function in mathematics.
  • It can be used to solve the Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP)
  • Applied in automotive design and robotics, etc.

Actually, the genetic algorithm is often used in robots to learn which decision will behave similarly as a human so that they can perform the tasks like cooking or laundry, etc. Have you ever think how robots think?

This will conclude the introduction of the genetic algorithm. If you are interested in this chapter, you can review this article 15 Real-World Applications of Genetic Algorithms. You will find out that GA can be applied in many other fields that we did not talk about in the video like, Biomimetic Invention, financial market estimation, traffic routing, etc.

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