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Key Ingredients for Success

Learn more about key ingredients for success.

Before we dive into some of the more strategic aspects of building a personal brand, impacting lives, and making money, it is important to provide a snapshot of the key ingredients for a successful career as an expert or practitioner in wellness.

Build a Solid Foundation of Expertise and Understanding

The first thing, which we’ll cover in more detail in a moment, is to build a solid foundation of expertise and understanding in your chosen field. This, of course, will not happen overnight. It requires a long journey of learning and growing. The wellness industry is continually changing and evolving, and as health and wellness converge, so too does the science behind various modalities that relate to preventative health. This means that whichever area of expertise you choose, you should feel committed to improving your knowledge and understanding of the field going forward. And when it comes to standing out in the marketplace, this is even more critical.

Know Who It Is You Want To Serve and the Impact You Want To Have

Something else we will dive into further is the importance of knowing who it is you want to serve with that expertise and what impact you want to have. This is something you can already begin to think about and something we’ll explore in more detail in the next week of this course.

Know Your “Why”

Knowing “why” you want to become an expert in your chosen field, will be important as a motivational force through the more challenging moments of learning to navigate this new path. These might be reasons close to your heart, relating to impact, alignment, fulfillment, or passion for the chosen field – or it might also relate to the model of work it enables, such as time freedom, flexibility, or working with people.

Navigate the Financial Aspect of Building This Career

A critical success factor will be your ability to navigate the financial aspect of building this career – that is, making money working with clients, or in other ways, which we will talk about in more detail in Week 2. It is key that you can sustain your career as an expert or practitioner in wellness and learn how to confidently sell yourself and your service.

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

You’ll need to get focused on your goals, your timeline, and your definition of success, instead of comparing yourself to other people who may have been doing it for a lot longer, or want different things to you. A great analogy is to think of yourself as driving a car towards your goals… you should be aware of the other vehicles alongside you, but it’s key to stay in your lane.

Determine What is Needed

Fundamentally, you need to be solving problems for people. This will be the guiding light behind how you show up with your expertise and how you sell yourself in the marketplace. Ask yourself, what do people need right now from me as an expert? We’ll explore this further soon.

Take Action

Finally, before we move on, be reminded that a critical component to success in anything…is taking action. This might sound obvious, but as Theodore Roosevelt once said: “Nothing worth having comes easily.” This means showing up, being consistent, committing to the process (including finishing this course), and going after your goals with determination and passion, even when it’s hard or feels impossible.

What do You Think?

Do any of these success elements come as a surprise to you? Also, which of these elements do you think you will find most challenging? Which will you find easy? Let us know.

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