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How to ask what someone would like to eat or drink

This video relates to asking others what they would like to eat or drink.

This video relates to asking others what they would like to eat or drink. The modal verb “想(xiǎng)” means “want to or would like to”, so “想(xiǎng)” is used in the sentence pattern to ask someone’s choice.


Subject + 想(xiǎng) + Verb + 什么(shénme)

“什么(shénme)” was explained this week, meaning what. “想(xiǎng)” can be followed by different verbs,

  • “吃(chī)”meaning “to eat”
  • “喝(hē)”meaning “to drink”
  • “做(zuò)”meaning “to do”
  • “看(kàn)”meaning “to look, to watch”
  • “买(mǎi)” meaning “to buy” and so on, so forth.
The question “你想吃什么(Nǐ xiǎng chī shénme)?” means “what would you like to eat?” We answer this question by saying 我(Wǒ)想(xiǎng)吃(chī)+food
Here is a list of words about food.
  • 面条(miàntiáo) noodles
  • 炒饭(chǎofàn) fried rice
  • 火锅(huǒguō) hotpot
If you want to say “what would you like to drink?”, you can just replace the verb “吃(chī)” with “喝(hē)”. You may need to know the following words about different drinks to answer this question.
  • 可乐(kělè) coke cola
  • 咖啡(kāfēi) coffee
  • 茶(chá) tea
  • 果汁(guǒzhī) juice
  • 啤酒(píjiǔ) beer

Why don’t you tell us what you would like to eat and drink in the comments section?

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