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Words for some other food and drinks

Help you learn more words about eating and drinking.
There is a lot of food in the picture.
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  • 披萨(pīsà) pizza   沙拉(shālā) salad  
  • 汉堡包(hànbǎobāo) hamburger  薯条(shǔtiáo) potato chips
  • 面包(miànbāo) bread   蛋糕(dàngāo) cake
  • 鸡肉(jīròu) chicken   鱼肉(yúròu) fish
  • 猪肉(zhūròu) pork  牛排(niúpái) steak



  • 水(shuǐ) water  冰水(bīngshuǐ) water with ice
  • 柠檬水(níngméngshuǐ)water with lemon
  • 茶(chá) tea  红茶(hóngchá) black tea  奶茶(nǎichá) milk tea
  • 酒(jiǔ) alcohol  红酒(hóngjiǔ) red wine   白酒(báijiǔ) white liquor
  • 果汁(guǒzhī) juice   苹果汁(píngguǒzhī) apple juice
  • 橙汁(chéngzhī) orange juice  葡萄汁(pútaozhī) grape juice

Is there any other food or drinks that you want to know? Please write them down on comments.

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