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Introducing question words

In this video, Dr Li will explain more about questions words in Chinese.

In this video we learn how to use different question words to ask questions such as “who,where and what”.

  • 哪儿( nǎr ) where

We use the word “哪儿”to ask about locations,. For example:

你去哪儿? Nǐ qù nǎr? Where are you going?

超市在哪儿? Chāoshì zài nǎr?Where is the supermarket?

The structure is: subject + verb +“哪儿”

Answering these questions is easy,just replace “哪儿” with the name of a location.

你去哪儿? The answer is “我去学校。” I am going to school.

  • 谁(shéi)who

We use the word “谁” to ask about people. For example:

他是谁? Tā shì shéi?Who is he?

谁学习汉语? Shéi xuéxí hànyǔ?Who studies Chinese?

When answering,we replace“谁” with a person’s name.

他是成龙。Tā shì Chéng lóng. He is Jackie Chan.

王小宝学习汉语。Wáng Xiǎobǎo xuéxí hànyǔ.

Wang Xiaobao studies Chinese

  • 什么(shénme)what

We use “什么” to ask questions about objects. For example:

你喝什么? Nǐ hē shénme?What would you like to drink?

西西学习什么? Xīxī xuéxí shénme?What does Xixi study?

When answering, we replace“什么” with an object’s name.

我喝咖啡。Wǒ hē kāfēi. I drink coffee.

西西学习英语。Xīxī xuéxí yīngyǔ. Xixi studies English.

Some new words from the video:

做什么 zuò shénme do what

看电影 kàn diànyǐng see a film

The following is the situational dialogue from the Video:







Xī xī:Hello, is Wang Xiaobao in?

Xuělì:Wang Xiaobao is not in. Who are you?

Xīxī: I am Xixi. Where did he go?

Xuělì:He went to the library.

Xī xī:Oh, I know. Thank you, good bye.

Xuělì:You are welcome, goodbye.

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