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Culture Notes:Student Dormitories in China

In this article, Dr Li will introduce student dormitories in China

One of the special features of Chinese universities is that student dormitories are usually integrated into the university campus. Unlike most Western universities where dormitories usually do not provide housing to all students and faculty, in China there is usually a residential area on campus where many staff and faculty live.

Many students find living in dormitories convenient. Since the buildings are on campus, they are very close to the classrooms and the research facilities. This is very convenient for students going to class or the library on foot.

In Chinese university dormitories students usually share rooms. The room is small, about 30 square meters. In a room, there are 4 tables and four beds. The beds are above the tables. Although these rooms are very small, living in such dormitories is convenient for students to socialize and exchange ideas with each other. However, it is not surprising to find that some students think sharing a room with others is inconvenient at times. For instance, a dormitory room usually cannot provide enough private space. So the solution for these students is to adapt to the environment or to move out and find a flat off-campus. Still, only a small number of Chinese students choose to move out because the 4-year college time is very precious and the experience of living in such a dormitory is also very rare and valuable. They can make lifelong friends in this kind of dormitory. Moreover, Chinese people attach great importance to collectivism, so this is also a way to teach how to live in a group.

The Student Dormitory 学生宿舍 xuéshēng sùshè

university campus 大学校园 dàxué xiàoyuán

You are welcome to introduce the student dormitory in your country in the comments.

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