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Thank you to the learners. Short summary of course.
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We hope that at this stage you are able to:

  • Describe the natural science background of climate impacts and climate adaptation based on scientific facts and terminology;
  • Summarise the historical development of the global governance architecture for climate adaptation;
  • Identify relevant governance and social science theories in the context of climate adaptation;
  • Reflect on the role of international climate finance for climate adaptation;
  • Assess climate adaptation governance from an integrated and global vantage point.

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Following this course, there is another course soon to appear on FutureLearn (we expect end of April 2021), called Sustainable Cities: Governing Urban Adaptation Under Climate Change. This is a three-week course in which you will be able to delve into climate adaptation in urban areas. We invite you to take part in this course too! In the near future, more online courses will appear on FutureLearn as part of the series.

In addition to these online courses, we also offer a Summer School on the subject on Climate Adaptation Governance. During the Summer School, we’ll invite practitioners, researchers and experts in the field to discuss topics explored in the Making Climate Adaptation Happen and Governing Urban Adaptation courses, and together find solutions to most pressing climate adaptation challenges. This course is a great opportunity to network with like-minded people and create synergies! If you want more information about the summer school, please contact us via

If this course has triggered your interest in climate adaptation governance then there are a lot of online resources that you can explore both in terms of research and practice as well as links to networks and interesting organisations, some of these are listed below.

More to explore

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If you are looking to read more about climate adaptation governance, have a look at the literature below:

There are also a number of useful websites:

Studying at the University of Groningen/Campus Fryslân

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As of September 2021, you can join the MSc Cultural Geography, with a specialization in Climate Adaptation Governance. Cultural Geography studies the mutual shaping of human societies and our natural surroundings into cultural landscapes. Within this programme, you can specialize in the governance of climate adaptation. Sign up for the newsletter MSc Climate Adaptation Governance to stay up to date about information sessions and other interesting activities.

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