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The flow of competence and the intersections between subjects

The flow of competence and the intersections between the subjects and stakehlders involved in the packaging-food-health flow
Hi, and welcome to the Avatar Show  on ..the ideal flow of activity. Lets have the SCIENTISTS at the CENTER. Their  job is to produce data and publish RESULTS. they should inform consumers and  monitoring agencies of their results.   They should discuss with opinion makers  and press on regulatory agencies. Regulatory agencies and Opinion-makers  should also press on Industry to stay   on the alert on upcoming issues and  begin thinking about alternatives. Lets have the OPINIONISTS at the CENTER. They should stimulate consumers to raise  their awareness, and should influence   law makers to seriously consider upcoming  problems, before the damage is done.
In their activities, Opinionists and Consumers may  enter in some conflicting positions with Industry,   especially when Industry is  perceived to be insensitive   to some relevant issue or not transparent …. Let’s have LEGISLATORS at the CENTER. They  should definitely listen to all the subject, They should call for research  and monitoring activities,   and make sure they have adequate fundings.  They should correctly inform consumers,   in ways and means that are comprehensible  and correct, for their safety. Finally their job is to consider all  voices and then impose rules to Industry,   to Packagers, to Sellers…. for the  benefit and safety of consumers.
Let’s have CONSUMERS at the CENTER They should listen to Opinion  Leaders, with a bit of skepticism,   and also listen to Scientists, those that  have shown to be free of conflict of interest. … and should adopt safer behaviours,   through they daily choices and  according their personal sensitivity.  They should ask and insist for research  and monitoring activities being funded,   and ask legislators to impose restricting  rule, but only when is really necessary.

This video follows the previous one, and explores the intersections between all the subjects involved in the packaging-chemicals-food-health business. Again we use our avatars as representative of the stakeholders – that we have described in week 1 – and we have them interact. Some interactions do actually occur, some we only wish they could occur. Some interactions are very positive, some could become conflicting. Overall your will learn how complex the system is and no individual one is to be blamed if problems arise.

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Consumer and Environmental Safety: Food Packaging and Kitchenware

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