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The Pause

The Pause
Good pulses with CPR. [BREATHING MACHINE] You getting tired at all?
Epi’s in. That’s the fifth dose epi since the vasopressin. He’s still in asystolic. How’s he [INAUDIBLE]? Let’s stop CPR for a minute.
He doesn’t have a pulse or audible heartbeat. [BEEPING] Is he assisting at all? No, he is making no respiratory effort. [BEEPING] We’ve been at this for 30 minutes. Does anyone else have any other suggestions?
Let’s stop.
Let’s call the time of death 9:30.
OK, everybody. Can we just take a minute for a pause? This was somebody’s father, somebody’s husband, somebody’s friend. As part of our mission to know me, care for me, ease my way, let’s take this time to honour the fact of this person being here with us, and also how hard we tried to save him. Let’s just take 30 seconds and honour him.
Thank you for all your efforts. Has the family arrived yet? We’ll go get them.

In this moving video, staff members deliberately take stock after the death of a patient.

That this is such a notable change of gear, one which we may expect to see more commonly in a religious setting, highlights just how little space their usually is in settings like this to take a moment.

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Grief, Loss, and Dying During COVID-19

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