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Parent’s view: Treatment

Video demonstrating a parent's view on treatment for their child's depression.
When my daughter was having her therapy, I asked the therapist about what I could do to help. She was really helpful, and she actually invited me in to have our own session. And that was really helpful in me understanding how Emma had these dark thoughts, and how I was supposed to help her start thinking for herself. Emma would be having, would be feeling a little low. And I would ask her what was wrong, and she said, “I text my friend, and she’s not texted me back.” And she would have these thoughts that, effectively, she’d jumped to the conclusion that her friends didn’t like her.
I would help Emma to recognise that there’s a different way of thinking about why her friend hadn’t text her back. The battery was dead on her phone, or her friend was busy. The more often we did it, the more often Emma would start to lift herself out of those thoughts herself. And that would help, help her think in a different way.

In this video you’ll hear from Emma’s mum, Lucy, about her experience with the effects of treatment on Emma. Please note: For the purposes of the course, these characters are played by actors but based on real case examples.

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Understanding Depression and Low Mood in Young People

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