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You say, they hear: Part 1

In this video we watch Jack- who is currently suffering from depression – and his father Pete, speaking to each other to demonstrate miscommunication
Hi, Jack.
How are you doing today? Good. Good.
You know, your mum and I were talking recently. We were saying you haven’t had any of your friends over recently. And, you know, we haven’t given you a lift to Dan’s or Bob’s. Do you fancy going and seeing one of your mates? I’m fine. No? I mean I could give you a lift today. I’ve got time. I’ll happily give you a lift. I’m fine. What about tomorrow? I’ve got time, actually, almost all day. In the morning, or well, you’re not going to want the morning. You’re never up. But, in the afternoon, I could give you a lift in the afternoon. No, I’ll just relax. Mum and I were saying that we’re really, It’s really good that you can relax.
But you don’t see your mates, you don’t help around the house, you don’t, I mean, your mum said your room looks like a bomb site. You need to tidy your room.
Jack? You need to tidy your room. It’s fine.
Do you like this one?

In order to give a better sense of what miscommunication might look like, we have produced a short simulated video of Jack and Pete speaking to each other. Please note, for the purposes of the course, these characters are played by actors.

We want you to consider the following points before moving on to the next Step:

  • What do you think is going on in Jack and Pete’s minds?
  • What are they thinking?
  • How are they feeling?

Share your ideas below. Take the time to read and respond to posts by other learners or ‘Like’ those posts that you think make a good point. Don’t forget to mark this Step as complete before moving on.

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