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Using The Buyer’s Journey

This step introduces the core concept of a three-stage buyer’s journey and then helps you develop it a little further into a five-stage funnel.
Awareness. The awareness stage represents the moment when the consumer becomes aware of a problem they want to solve in their life and perceives your product ad as a potential solution. In this stage, marketers should focus on creating visibility and recognition. This is a critical stage for new products, brands, or added benefits to an existing product. This stage will focus on getting your product out there. Implementing it is part of a broader scope of existing solutions for an issue.
Interest. The interest stage represents the moment when the consumer is looking for options that will help solve their problem. At this stage, the consumer has a selection of ideas in mind but will need more information and experience to make a decision. This is a quest for knowledge that, in a digital marketing landscape, translates into reading reviews, blog articles, social media, and ad product websites in order to gain as much information as possible.
Consideration. The consideration stage represents the moment when the consumer knows about your brand and thinks it might be a good fit for their needs or what they are trying to achieve. They may have other brands in mind but your company is in the mix. At this stage, inbound strategies are highly effective because, if correctly used, they ensure that the brand or product more frequently appears in the consumer’s search results and social media feeds.
Conversion. The conversion stage represents the moment when the consumer is ready to buy your product or take action on your site. The consumer has done their research and, based on their needs and motivations, has decided on a product as the best solution for their problem. At this stage, the consumer has not yet paid for the product or service, and the role of the marketer is to create a point of contact to drive the conversions. This is generally achieved with targeting and retargeting, promotional offers, and creating a sense of urgency. Retention. The retention stage is often overlooked but it is a key stage for ensuring reoccurring revenue and creating a group of active brand advocates.
Once the consumer has used the product and is satisfied, it is crucial to provide added value and create a real relationship. In this stage, you are addressing an already convinced consumer who thinks your product is great for them, but you still need to keep them satisfied and create a desire to come back to your product. The more you know about your customers, the more you will be able to provide additional value to them and delight them not only with your product but with your brand experience and personality.

Each stage of the buyer’s journey comes with its own challenges and goals that will drive a marketing strategy. This step introduces the core concept of a three-stage buyer’s journey and then helps you develop it a little further into a five-stage funnel for even more precise consumer targeting.


Think of the last product you bought, did you move through a buyers cycle like this to help you come to a decision?

Please take some time to reflect and share insights with your peers.

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