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Different Platform, Different Style

How do you choose?
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Long gone are the days of magazines being the only place to find fashion discussion – social media and the internet are rife with a variety of sources, across a range of platforms, each with a unique method of delivery, troupes and star creators. The key platforms:

– Instagram: great for visual content, especially style ideas and also visually-supported commentary on fashion collections. Creators on this platform include: José Criales-Unzueta, Louis Pisano, Guillermo Fonseca, Thaiyā & Amanda.

– YouTube: great for more long-form, conversational commentary and even fashion history learning. Channels include HauteLeMode and The Fashion Archive. There is also a range of people providing styling videos, such as Komal Pandey, and others doing excellent sewing and thrifting tutorials, such as Micarah Tewers.

– Twitter: great for more community-based discussions that are sparked and led by different voices on the platform. It also has a notably the most extensive variety in style of content and the types of creators involved— there are those who enjoy giving a political perspective on fashion such as myself, @DECOUTURIZE, commentators such as Kim @TheKimbino, as well as emerging fashion designers themselves such as Jean @tearcessation, stylists such as Antoine @bibbygregory. For a better understanding of the ever-complicated landscape of fashion twitter, check out this article by Sara Li.

– Tiktok: great for sharing video content. The algorithm on the platform also makes virality easily attainable for a large range of users. Talents to emerge from the platform include Wisdom Kaye. For more on how TikTok changed fashion in 2020, check out this piece from Vogue.

– Clubhouse: Clubhouse is a fairly new space and at this point it can’t be said for sure if it is here to stay. That being said, it has definitely made a mark and has been widely discussed in online circles. Groups such as ‘Voices of Fashion’ have emerged to For a little bit more about this, check out this article by Mario Abad.

  • Which are your preferred platforms?

Share your favourites with your peers in the comments down below and say why you like it.

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