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Post-Pandemic: Moving forward

What happens now?
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All these breaks and stops and resets and changes have created an opening like never before; an opportunity for a real shift and creative invigoration in the fashion industry.

Times are changing, and there is a new generation of fashion designers, creatives and media voices that are shaping a better future for fashion; one that will adopt a manifesto of humour and joy as we move forward. Indeed, after this period of feeling so aimless, people want to shop, and designers want to create clothing that have a purpose.

Net-a-Porter’s senior fashion market editor, Libby Page, agrees, telling WhoWhatWear that “shopping with a purpose seems to be the approach, with a focus on sustainability and charitable initiatives really driving customer interest… we will find a ‘new normal’ in all aspects of our lives, from the way we work, to the way we consume, but fashion and the luxury industry needs to focus on the wider world more than ever to maintain relevance and credibility. The importance of shopping with a purpose will remain long after the pandemic” [1].

So, what is shopping with a purpose? What is design with a purpose? Clothing with a purpose? That is a difficult question, but a critical one for the designers of today. But to put it simply, it seems to be this – it is clothing that is sustainable, that is ethical, clothing that is a part of a community, clothing that is close to home, and, clothing that, at its core, is designed to bring you joy, to embrace humour, and to relieve you of your inhibitions during what is an extremely unprecedented time in our history. That is why this section of the course will seek to focus on the new generation of designers; young and upcoming designers who are innovating towards this ideal, whose early careers have in fact been defined by the pandemic state of the world.

How would you describe the following:

  • Shopping with a purpose
  • Design with a purpose
  • Clothing with a purpose

Share you responses with your peers in the comments down below.


  1. WhoWhatWear:
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Digital Playground: Where Luxury Fashion is Finding its Sense of Humour

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