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Camp, kitsch & ‘ugliness’

The return of the camp, the kitsch and the ugly
Two young men dressed in beautiful drag on the street named broadway

The return of the camp, the kitsch and the ugly

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Following the 2019 Met Gala, ‘camp’ has become somewhat of a buzzword in popular culture. And, in recent times, its essence is starting to filter into the fashion and styling world, alongside related art styles such as kitsch. These styles are all about humour, fun and statement. As noted in Business of Fashion:

“The popularity of $450 Balenciaga beaded bracelets and $24 Urban Outfitters emoji chokers is a sign that consumers are craving fun statement pieces for their post-pandemic wardrobes… Camp jewellery sits at the nexus of several trends that are set to dominate post-pandemic fashion. It’s a pivot from delicate, minimalist jewellery that Instagram, as well as boutiques like Brooklyn’s Catbird, helped popularise a few years ago. Like crop tops and mom jeans, the items evoke the 1990s for nostalgic Millennials and curious Gen Z-ers. And they are the sort of bright, bold and unique statement that many post-pandemic shoppers will be craving.”
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Images: 1. Balenciaga beaded bracelet, 2. Rings from @_blobb on instagram

Blobb on Instagram

Shakaila Forbes-Bell, a fashion psychologist, agreed that it makes sense that people will be rushing to buy joyful, eccentric statement pieces – “we want to buy bright, child-like pieces that make us feel hopeful during very dark moments …. people are desperate to inject a sense of fun and playfulness into their wardrobe after a year of lockdowns and sweatpants” [3].

Are you buying brighter and more colourful fashion? Share your recent purchases with your peers in the comments below.

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