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Motivational interviewing takes practice

Review a summary of skills for motivational interviewing

Motivational interviewing is a communication approach that takes time, practice and effort to master. Understanding the principles will help you to understand how, and also why it’s important to consider incorporating this supportive approach into your clinical practice.

Summary of skills

Take a moment now to review this mind map which pulls together some of the different strategies of motivational interviewing that have been highlighted in this module, and which can be built into your practice.

Motivational Interviewing. Listening (Summarise. Reflect) Asking (Open questions. Permission to speak about subject) Telling (Affirm success. Affirm change) Partnership (Work together as 2 experts) Decisional balance (Pros and cons of change and not making change) Evocation (Try: Elicit, Provide, Elicit) Compassion (Express empathy not sympathy) Acceptance (Respect the person's autonomy and perspective).

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