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Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is one of the oldest types of engineering, and civil engineers work in many industries. Watch Dr Arash Mehrafrooz explain more.

In this video, Arash introduced the topic of civil engineering.

Below are some of the key words from the video. Click to hear the pronunciation.

During the course, we will show you the stressed syllable and the word form of key words.

Stressed Syllable
The stressed (or emphasised) syllable is the part of the word that you say a bit louder or longer. It is shown below each word like this:

stressed syllable

Word Form
The word form describes what kind of word it is. For example, a noun or a verb. The word form is in brackets below.

  • (n.) = noun
  • (v.) = verb
  • (adj.) = adjective
  • (adv.) = adverb


concrete (n.)
/CON – crete/
sewerage (n.)
/SEW – er – age/
construct (v.)
/con – STRUCT/
steel (n.)
construction (n.)
/con – STRUC – tion/
structural (adj.)
/STRUC – tu – ral/
geotechnical (adj.)
/ge – o – TECH – ni – cal/
structure (n.)
/STRUC – ture/
infrastructure (n.)
/IN – fra – struc – ture/
tunnel (n.)
/TUN – nel/
load (n.)
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